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VERSAILLES announces a hiatus

After 5 years the group "Versailles" has made ​​the decision to take a hiatus and cease all  activities of the group at year-end 2012.
Many rumors  circulate even if for the moment no duration or return haven't specified, their manager has confirmed that it was only a break.
This hiatus is to allow  members to accomplish individually some musical desires and various projects and will take effect after their concert at NHK Hall on December 20 .This date will be the last of their national tour.

A message for fans who have supported and followed during these five years was published on the website officile group.

"An Important Announcement From Versailles:
Dear Enduring, Loyal Supporters,
We would like to announce that Versailles has decided to stop all activities by the closing of the year.
Being our 5th anniversary -- and without a clear direction heading into the future – we have decided it was in the best interest of the band and the music, our staff and supporters, in order to pursue our artistic and personal goals outside the current framework, to stop all our activities by the end of 2012.
Since the beginning the “ROSE” has played a central role, both thematically and symbolically, for Versailles. The “ROSE”, which is also the title song of their 5th anniversary single, is about birth, becoming and being – in short, their story to the world.
The band will release their farewell album September 26th and tour domestically soon afterwards. On December 20th, Versailles will have their grand finale which be performed at NHK Hall in Tokyo.
Please come and show your support to Versailles and their final journey. "

July 20th, 2012
YMN corporation

This message is a rough translation from Japanese to English quickly done ​​for the fans but some words aren't faithful to the Japanese version.
A message in English more identical the Japanese version has been put by members on their respective blogs.
here :

Notification of hiatus from Versailles

"Dear our loyal fans and supporters in the world, Versailles is going to take a hiatus at the end of 2012.
In the 5th anniversary year for us, we have kept seeking for our new musical direction to enter a higher stage of Versailles.
During that process of discovering a new musical direction, we felt strong need and desire to step outside of the band to inspire each of us to be a better musician.
This hiatus is for focusing on each member’s own musicability that we will definitely bring all our new inputs to Versailles when we are ready to be back together.

Since the beginning of the band, our main theme has always been ROSE.
With all the stories we have told in our music for the past 5 years, we have gotten to the point where our 5th anniversary song “ROSE” represents what ROSE really means to Versailles. That also determined our hiatus to breathe in the fresh air outside the band.

Our new album is to be released in September and the last Japan tour before our hiatus follows, which ends at NHK Hall in Tokyo on December 20, 2012.
We are incredibly grateful for your endless support for all those years.
And we appreciate your continuous support and love for Versailles and future activities of each member.

Thank you!! WE’RE VERSAILLES!!! "

Members also wanted to leave a personal message for their fans.
HIZAKI on Twitter.

"Our fans have made our dreams come true, which to me, would have been impossible without your support. I deeply appreciate that many fans and staff have helped us. The reason for this decision is our answer to ourselves and to you, which we must come to terms with as artists and as Versailles.
We are proud of our achievements because we have worked tirelessly with all our heart and soul in order to see the progress of Versailles. I feel very calm inside because I believe we have made an imprint on music history as Versailles. We wish you can give every one of us your kindest support in the future as well.
And the time may come for the rose petals to gather. When that happens, we would be thankful if we could still have your support.
I will never forget this feeling of gratitude despite the fact that we are moving on and will do separate activities. I will continue to pray for you so that love and happiness will be yours into the future."


I think every member of Versailles gave the best and grew up in a great group.
There were also difficult times that have been overcome thanks to everyone who supported us.
I appreciate the bottom of my heart.
I feel very sorry to give you this unexpected message, but I would like you to think  that each of our performance is a symbol appreciation from us to you.
I will do my best in the best album and tour, until the end.

Versailles YUKI


I'm sorry if this announcement is a surprise to you.
The word "hiatus” is very painful word to accept for fans and us. This decision has been made by all of us in a positive mindset.

That been 2 years since I joined Versailles.
I have been encouraged by fans all over the world and they made me the most beautiful scenery at every show, and I really appreciated the opportunity.
It's very hard to express how much I appreciate you,  I will never forget your gesture to both for the group and for me.
I will be very happy if we can share the rest of our time with you all.

Versailles MASASHI

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