mercredi 25 juillet 2012

Esprit D'Air [ Shizuku ]

Esprit D'Air is a hard rock band based in London founded in May 2012.
Highly influenced by the musical subcultures of both Japanese and Western rock.

Very active on the rock scene, their music begin to be listened increasingly beyond their country. Music very worked combining hard rock, metal with touch of pop, all associated to lyrics  very powerful, written both in Japanese and English this which gives a very successful mixture.

Their new single "Shizuku" was released on June 29 and this new song will soon be playable on Rock Band 3 for Xbox 360! They can be really proud of them and their work because this will be the very first Japanese-language song to appear on the game.


 Members :
海斗 (kaito) : guitars / composer / leader
 エリス (erisu) : bass / composer
 大志 (daishi) : drums / composer / illustrator
 ヨシ (yosh) : lead vocals

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Shizuku by Esprit D'Air Rock Band 3

Version Française :

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