samedi 14 juillet 2012

Project "WAKANA" -from big brother to little sister-


Tomo Asaha (echostream, Alias, Moon Stream, high ball etc...) needs your help to achieve his project of a wedding gift for his sister Wakana. Project "WAKANA" -from big brother to little sister-
Ajia Sound  joins this pretty project and we hope that many people around the world send their congratulations to newlyweds.
Please participate! Thank you all !

" I need your help!
 My sister Wakana is getting married on October 2012 in Japan.
 I was having a hard time thinking of something special to give her.
 But living in America, performing in many cities and meeting people from all over the world, I am grateful to know that I have so many friends who support me and my projects. So knowing that gave me an idea that I'd like to ask your help in doing.
 If you could lend me your time, I'd like to create something wonderful as a gift for my sister on her special day. I think it will be a treasure that we can all create together.
 I want to give my sister the biggest, warmest congratulations from all over the world, so I'm going to need your help!

If you can send me your photo of you holding a message of "Congratulations!" standing where you live in the background, maybe in a special landmark or beautiful place, I think it would be great.
I'd like to see your smiles!

This message could be as a photo or a video with you. I would like to put all of these messages together with my own music, and create a big collage video of love for her wedding day.
 So if you think you can help me, I would be very grateful and I think it would make my sister very happy.

You can write something like "Congratulations Wakana and Takeru!" (Oh her fiancé's name is Takeru lol)
 or even write congratulations in your language.

Do you think you can help me?
 Please send your photos or videos
As a token of thanks, I would like to send you something back in return for your help, so please send me an email before October 1! :)

Thank you so much!
 I love you guys!!

Tomo Asaha "

Send your photos or videos for Tomo to this email : .
 * Deadline : October 1st
* File format : Picture or short video(5~10 sec)
* Content : You and your message (like holding a sign, etc)
* Background : special location of your town

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