jeudi 5 juillet 2012


Miyavi release MIYAVI vs. YUKSEK "DAY 1" sale on iTunes now !!
French ==>

New song for the Samurai guitarist 雅-MIYAVI being part of his project "SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES".
Project for which he collaborates with many artists international and Japanese.
So, after Kreva in "MIYAVI vs. KREVA" the turn of the French DJ, musician, music producer electro Yuksek  in "MIYAVI vs. YUKSEK".

Yuksek is an accustomed to music advertising then his collaborating with Miyavi is also the theme for the advertisement of chewing gum "SNOW STORM ZEUS".

The combination of the two styles, rock for Miyavi and electro for Yuksek gives birth to a very successful mix.

Miyavi was also a few days ago in France for two festivals : the Main Square Festival and the festival EHZ, accompanied on drums throughout the tour by the beautiful and talented Yoko Fukuda who had accompanied the group of Japanese electronic music Boom Boom Satellites on their international tour.

20120629_MIYAVI in EHZ festival in Basque :

Links :

Miyavi official website :      

Yoko Fukuda :        
Twitter :!/YokoFukuda

Yuksek :
Twitter :!/YUKSEK_music



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