mardi 24 juillet 2012

An Cafe 「amazing blue」 o(≧∀≦)o

After a break of two years An Cafe is back for the delight of their fans.
Here is the return of Miku, Kanon, Teruki, Takuya and Yuki and their Nyappy !!!,  now famous .
They come back with a new album of seven songs,「amazing blue」2012.8.8 Release !! Followed by a tour in Japan "[ ANCAFESTA'12「SUMMER DIVE」”and in November a tour in europe "NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD III"

Because of their Japanese tour which will take place in summer and songs of the album , the theme chosen is pirates ! and so we see in their first pv : Miku is apprentice ship's captain,  Kanon is a ship carpenter, Teruki is a doctor/academic ! Takuya is an ex-navy officer and Yuki is a head chef .
A first song that has the taste of a small sweet candy  and  that proves that the group An Cafe remains faithful to his style. 
So ...... Nyappy  o(≧∀≦)o

1. アメージングブルー (Amazing Blue)
2. 咲-saku- (Blooming-saku-)
3. バードの悲劇 (Bird's Tragedy)
4. じぶん説明書 (Self Instruction Manual)
5. 月に叢雲、花に風 (Clouds over moon, wind on flowers)
6. 某Kメンタルクリニック (You-know-who K Mental Clinic)
7. 夏の終わり (End of Summer)

Limited version [SRCL-8051-51] JP3,360yen
CD + DVD + photo card
DVD content
1) video clip "amazing blue"
2) "making of" video clip
3) footage "An Cafe Reopen" on April 1st (Director's cut)

Standard version [SRCL-8053] JP2,730yen
CD + photo card

~TADAIMA o(≧∀≦)o OKAERI o(≧∀≦)o~

■Tour Dates / City / Venue■
2012/11/3 (Sat) Moscow, Russia / MILK Club
2012/11/4 (Sun) St. Petersburg, Russia / Auroro Club※changed!!
2012/11/6 (Tue) Helsinki, Finland / Nosturi
2012/11/7 (Wed) London, UK / O2 Islington
2012/11/9 (Fri) Amsterdam, the Netherlands / Melkweg
2012/11/10 (Sat) Dortmund, Germany / FZW
2012/11/11 (Sun) München, Germany / Theaterfabrik
2012/11/13 (Tue) Cracow, Poland / Studio Club
2012/11/14 (Wed) Budapest, Hungary / Club 202
2012/11/16 (Fri) Mailand, Italy / Magazzini Generali
2012/11/17 (Sat) Marseille, France / Espace Julien
2012/11/18 (Sun) Paris, France / Bataclan
2012/11/20 (Tue) Berlin, Germany / Astra

Official Website : 
Version Française ==>

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