lundi 16 juillet 2012

【GOTCHAROCKA】release 1st single「Hydrag」

New group of  J-rock /visual kei, which began last spring.
The group has 4 members who aren't strangers to those familiar with this music. 
Members:  Jui ex Vidoll,  Jun ex Phantasmagoria and states spiv, Toya ex Charlotte and Shingo ex Sugar. 

The band will release his first single called  [Hydrag] August 29, 2012. This single will be available in two versions.
A few days before the group will be in Live [GOTCHAROCKA FLIRTS LIVE] on 18 August 2012 at SHIBUYA O-EAST

[Standard Edition] [CD]
GOD CHILD RECORDS / GCR-032 / ¥ 1.260
(tax in) / 3SongsCD

 [Limited Edition] [CD + DVD]
3.Hydrag (Juiless)
[DVD] Music Video 1.Hydrag
GOD CHILD RECORDS / GCR-031 / ​​¥ 1.890
(tax in) / 3SongsCD & 1SongDVD / Special Limited Edition

Jui (Vocal)

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Version Française :

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