vendredi 13 juillet 2012

DELeTE release a new mini-album soon !

After waiting a long time DELeTE  announced the release of their new mini-album !!! (Abduction Weapons)
the CD will be sold in the first on iTunes Store for the world, The date of release  isn't defined yet, but coming soon!

  01. AbDuction
  02. SYSTEM B (リマスタリングver)
  03. リフレイン (refrain)
  04. 審世界 (リマスタリングver)
  05. アレグロ (allegro)
  06. ESCUBE
  07. Psycho dropper (リマスタリングver)
  08. 1/365 (リマスタリングver)
  09. transPLANT

And don't forget the live broadcast from Japan, the next live of DELeTE : 23 July 2012 on NicoNico or USTREAM.

[ Live Stream K-Station ~Gicchi Birthday voyage~ 7/23渋谷CLUB CRAWL Rojak/DELeTE/Silence Over Sound/O. A SKOK ] 


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