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Interview with Rose Noire

Rose Noire was formed by Louie(Vocal) and Jill(Violin) , when they were the students of the Tokyo National University of Fine arts and Music.

Refusing to be stuck in one style, Rose Noire invented his own musical universe and their composition are very original and very recognizable among others.
Rose Noire takes you on a romantic-gothic atmosphere very applied and without no false note.
In Live, Jill and Louie occupy the stage with their strong presences, their charismas and their unique talent.
Very eager to come to do their music in Europe, Jill and Louie we have left their pose few questions to help you better know their "Rose Noire".

Ajia Sound :
 Please introduce yourself :

Rose Noire :
 Rose Noire is a band formed by Louie(Vocal) and Jill(Violin)
Rose Noire is free from predefined genres and concepts and compose our own world in the image of our own existence and music

Our music is based on Classical Music.
We have received the special education of classical music. And added the variety of the music,like Rock,R&B,Club music,Hip Hop,Industrial,Electronics and so on.

AS :
 When did you begin music ?

Rose Noire :
 Both of us started when we were very young.

AS :
 What made you want to make music? or who?

 Myself inside of me made it,I think.

 I don't remember the reason because I was very young.

AS :
 What are your musical influences?

 J.S.Bach,Marilyn Manson,LINKIN PARK,S.Prokofiev and a lot of musician.

 A.Vivaldi, A.C.Dedussy,Muse,Marilyn Manson,and many other.

AS :
 How did you meet the other group members ?

Jill and Louie :
 We are siblings.

AS :
Can you summarize your career in few sentences ?

 Louie :
 Well,we formed Rose Noire,and got the prize of SONY-ZOOM music audition.
After that joined the label "Darkest Labyrinth" and released 2 albums.
In this July,we will release new album.

AS :
 What feeling do you feel the first time on stage ?

 Fear and fear and excited.

 Excited and fun so much!

AS :
 What do you think of europe?

 I'd love to go!
I studied violin in Paris over a period of time before.
And want to go to Europe as Rose Noire.

  I also studied violin in europe. I went France,Italy,England and Austria.
I want to go europe as Rose Noire too!

AS :
 Make concert in europe is in your projects? this is something whose you dreaming?

  No yet.There is opportunity we can have some connect with europe,it's very pleasant.

  Please invite us!!!!

AS :
  You have a message for europeans who you listen ?

  Hi,european people! We've not been to europe yet.
However,we do want to have a tour in europe!!
So please support Rose Noire and we need your support and help!
I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Jill :
  Thanks for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see you.
We want to go europe and meet in person with european Fans, extremely!!
So,please invite us and support us.
I love you!!!!

AS : Thank you !!
Interview by Céline Hebert/Fabien Anizon.

Rose Noire 2nd mini-album [Neo Renaissance -1st movement-] on sale July 25, 2012
Rose Noire Links :
Version Française :

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