dimanche 20 mai 2012

interview with Chocoretto

Group of Visual Rock  from Indonesia formed on July 7th 2008, Chocoretto is promised a great future in this area.
This group offers a range of sounds inspired  of the Visual Kei and the  Nu metal, with a  style very elegant and very applied.  Munade, Hiro, Myu, Sai, and Izmu invites you to discover them through this interview

Ajia Sound : Please introduce yourself :

Chocoretto :
Hello.. we are chocoretto... a visual kei rock band from Medan Indonesia
We are Hiro on vocal,Sai plays guitar,Myu plays guitar,Munade plays bass,and Izmu plays drums.

AS : When did you begin music ?

We all started playing the music at the time of high school

AS : what made you want to make music? or who?

Chocoretto :
people, because we want to entertain them...

AS : What are your musical influences?

Chocoretto :
well... each member have their own musical influence
Hiro likes Versailles and linkin Park,
Sai likes Nightmare
Myu likes The blue hearts and The beatles
Munade likes Gazette and Led Zeppelin
Izmu likes Dir en Grey and Slipknot

AS :  How did you meet the other group members ?

Chocoretto :
Munade,Sai,and Izmu us, we're met at high school and we met Hiro and Myu in a japanese event at Medan.

AS : can you summarize your career in few sentences ?

Chocoretto :
create and playing the music...

AS : What feeling do you feel the first time on stage ?

Chocoretto :
Nervous... ahahahahahaha

AS :  what do you think if you are told Europe?

Chocoretto :

AS : make concert in europe is in your projects? this is something whose you dreaming?

Chocoretto :
emm..in our projects, no.. .. but we hope someday able to do
... because it's our dreams... XP

AS : you have a message for Europeans who you listen ?

Chocoretto :
We  hope our music  will be accept by  you, guys...^^

AS : Thank you Chocoretto !

Interview by : Céline Hebert/Fabien Anizon.






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Version Française : http://ajiasoundmag.blogspot.fr/2012/05/interview-du-groupe-chocoretto.html

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