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Vocal : Hiro (ヒロ)
Guitar : Sai (サイ)
Guitar : Myu (ミュ)
Bass : Munade (ムナデ)
Drum : Izmu (イズム)

Genre : Visual kei,Nu Metal.

From : Indonesia.

Chocoretto was formed on July 7th, 2008, formed of Munade (bass), Hiro (vo), Myu(gu), Sai (gu), and Izmu (drum). This band is a visual rock band from Indonesia.

Before using the name of Chocoretto, the band had repeatedly changed  of name. During 2006, this band was formed by Munade who had recruited the other members starting with Sai (gu) and Izmu (dr), followed by Reza (vo) and Yuda (gu), using name of Anime Kun. Later that year Reza and Yuda left the band, resulting vacuum for about a year. Reza then rejoined and to try the new mood, the band changed its name to the 'Shadow'. After awhile Reza decided to leave back to the band and resulted in the band vacuum again. Later in the month of June 2008, Myu joined the band replacing Reza on vocals. Then the name of Shadow changed into 'Chocoretto'. After nearly a year gig here and there, began to thought about to add personnel in the position of the guitar. And the end of Hiro who discovered early in his plans to fill the guitar position.After some time apart, Myu and Hiro switched their part; Hiro on vocals and Myu on guitar. Finally this formation is used up to now.

Profile :

Hiro : Vocal
Date of Birth : 3rd March
Blood Type : AB
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Sai : Guitar .
Date of Birth : 3rd December

Myu : Guitar.
Date of Birth : 4th April
Blood Type: O

Munade : Bass.
Date of Birth : 18th March
Blood Type : AB

Izmu : Drum.
Date of Birth : 9th November

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