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Interview with ParanoiD

ParanoiD is formed in 2005, it's a Visual Kei Band from Hong Kong. Very active in Hong Kong and also with some passages in Japan as in Visual Rock Live Event such as Tokyo Vize and performed in the famous livehouse, e.g. Ikebukuro Cyber, Shinjuku Holiday.  ParanoiD has its place naturally on the Asian music scene.
In this interview,  each member tells her story and ParanoiD invites you to discover more about them.

Ajia Sound : Please introduce yourself :

ParanoiD :

_ I'm Gloomy ,the vocalist from ParanoiD. 

_  Hello! I'm Nata, bassist for ParanoiD.

_  Bonjour!! I’m Memory (), guitarist..
Nice to meet you!!

_ I’m Yoshiyuki (慶之) the drummer of ParanoiD, my
favorite animal is the panda.
I always bring two panda dolls handmade in public.

AS : : When did you begin music ?

_Memory () : Around 10 years ago.

_Nata : The time to share your favorite music with your friends, Everyone loves the music of the band, and we have begin to do regular tests with the band.

_Gloomy : From year 2 of secondary school.

_Yoshiyuki (
慶之) : I started to play music in middle school.

AS : What made you want to make music? or who?

_Nata : I think it is the desire to express feelings through music.

_Gloomy : Fellow the dream,to make perfect of myself.

_Memory (憶)  : Malice Mizer , Kaoru of Dir en Grey.

_Yoshiyuki (慶之)   :  When I was a child, a friend showed me an X-Japan DVD, 
his fast rhythm, the melody was touching and special costumes attract me.
Yoshiki inspired me to use music to express our own feelings.

AS : What are your musical influences?

_Memory (憶): Dir en Grey , Visual Rock, Classical Guitar.

_Nata :  It's Visual Kei who  influenced me the most.

_Gloomy :  A local band from HK named "Beyond their music" is my first time to touch the rock music.

_Yoshiyuki  (慶之) : People who make feel what they would like to express, including: happiness, sadness, frustration, etc.
Thereby enabling the audience to feel music.

AS : How did you meet the other group members ?

_Gloomy: From the forum of internet and post the message on the notice board.

_Memory (憶) :  Yes and and we saw this ad on notice board of band practice centre.

AS  : Can you summarize your career in few sentences ?

_Yoshiyuki (慶之) :  I believe one day can become the ideal.

_Memory (憶)  : You mean our Band? Yes, it's my most excellent job

_Nata : Most of the time is concentrated in band, because life is to do other work.

_Gloomy : To be a perfect me,to be a perfect ParanoiD,insist on the faith till the end.

AS : : What feeling do you feel the first time on stage ?

_Nata : Very excited and a little shy

_Yoshiyuki (慶之) : Of course, nervous, but very much ,enjoy to feel the stage and the audience together to share music.
After the end of the concert, to have the encouragement of the audience is very rewarding.

_Memory (憶) :  Very nervous , For the first time on stage, the node of my guitar to  broken and she fell down on the ground , I was very embarrassed ^ ^

_Gloomy: The applause and cheer are the most wonderful things in the world.

AS : What do you think of europe?

_Gloomy : Open-minded and artistic.

_Memory (憶) : Beautiful , Romantic .

_Nata: Beautiful and romantic place also.

_Yoshiyuki  (慶之) : Europe have a strong historical background and has a lot of different types of music.

AS: Make concert in europe is in your projects? this is something whose you dreaming?

_Gloomy : Our music to the world is our goal,and we are extremely looking forward we can make a concert in Europe or anywhere in the world.

_Memory : Yes we want to have a live in Europe !!!! It’s my dream!!! Our dream!!

_Nata : Going to Europe is one of our goals and I hope we could  do quickly.

_Yoshiyuki (慶之) : At the right time we hope the concert will be held in Europe. We also hope to make more contact with their own musicians.

AS you have a message for Europeans who you listen ?

_Nata : Nice to meet you guys!!!

_Yoshiyuki (慶之) : I hope you pay attention to our latest developments !
We look forward to meet us in Europe one day

_Gloomy : Music is the language of the world, let's bright up the dream together^^

_Memory (憶) : Hope you guys enjoy our music , image and so on…. Though we sing Chinese, hope you get our messages!!Many thanks!!

Thank You ParanoiD !!

Interview by Céline Hebert/Fabien Anizon.


Memory (憶)


Yoshiyuki (慶之)
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