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interview with Aki (RK ROSEBUD)

She is the charismatic singer of the Japanese rock band RK ROSEBUD.
Musician, composer, singer, Aki is a full artist.
She invites you to discover his universe musical, his history and his group through this interview.

Ajia Sound : Please introduce yourself.

Aki :
My name is AKI,on vocal of RK ROSEBUD.
RK ROSEBUD is a Rock band in Japan.

Thank you for finding out us in huge world.

AS : When did you begin music?

Aki :
I already had sung when I had reached the age of discretion,I was a little girl.
But I wonder if I already might sing when I was an embryo, because my mother said to me she has always sung for the child that she expected.

AS : What made you want to make music? or who?

Aki :
All of my life,all of my experience.
Although my experience is godsend, I think there is no natural gift,I think all of us learn all by experience.
And training and practicing are also important to realize it.
So who makes me make music, it's god.
He leads me to realize my music, it's experience, after all, everything is the work of God. I'm just like a channeler.

AS : What are your musical influences?

Aki :
Many,many music and musicians did so.
Suffice it to say,pure rock and rockers inspired me so much.

AS : How did you meet the other group members?

Aki :
RK ROSEBUD was an unit of AKIRA(Guitar) and me, at first. 
Next,MISA(bass)became a member and YUKI(drums) joined after.
We all played in other groups before, so I had not imagined this situation(now)even in my dream.
They are each of wonderful and cool musician,I respect them.
I'm so happy whenever I can be with my members,especially at live, on the stage, anyway in music.

AS : Can you summarize your career in few sentences ?

Aki :
You know, I already had sung when I was a little girl or an embryo(maybe !)
I got my first guitar at the 15 years old, to junior high school and I started play in a band shortly after.

Band has continued to drive me crazy since that date.

AS : .What feeling do you feel the first time on stage ?
Aki :
I don't know myself, but maybe there is only joy in my heart.
Because I'm single-mindedly during singing,sometimes I remember 'That Live was good...'

As for my solo(2008~),
I sing alone with only acoustic guitar, on the first stage of solo,I felt the freedom and spaciousness without metronome marking the rhythm this I had never experienced before.

AS : What do you think of europe?

Aki :
Elegant. All is elegant and noble.

AS : Make concert in europe is in your projects? this is something whose you dreaming?

Aki :
The fans in some countries of Europe offered us requests for appearance.
It's our dream.

When we started RK ROSEBUD, we could not imagine that fans in Europe listened to our music.
Just like a dream,we thank them.
It's also godsend itself.

AS : You have a message for Europeans who you listen ?

Aki :
Hey,Rock kids!
Are you a rocker?
If you say 'I'm a rocker!',
I want you to feel true joy by music, not fake.

True excitement is not head banging,moshing,stage Diving,and crowd Surfing,e.t.c.
They are merely status,fashion.

If you go to Live house to dive, it's not joy,you won't be able to get true joy.

True excitement is dance of your heart itself.
It takes a lot time and requires your deep sensibility and pure heart.

Please, listen to many music.
Please, read many books.
Please, fight against what you think it is not good.
Please, prize what you think it is beautiful.
Please, realize 'true yourself'not fake,not lie.
And please, love many beautiful things in this world,

By alone,only your heart

And you will be able to know

'Joy is happier than happiness!
 Rock is coooooool!'

We want you to feel such feelings at LIVE.
Of course,we want to play such Live that can make your heart dance.

Thank you for reading,see ya at LIVE

AS : Thank you Aki !

interview by : Céline Hebert/ Fabien Anizon

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  1. Awesome group !! I can't stop listening your music ^^ and I love that :)

  2. Thank you for making discover this group, very interesting interview

  3. Aki ! I'm your best fan !! ^_^ I love what you do and what you think