jeudi 10 mai 2012

Interview with Hode (Misery)

Misery is a rock band from Hong Kong, consist of five members: Vocal: Asuka, Hode and Water guitarists, bassist Taki and drummer  Yip.
Their very rock music accompanied by lyrics expressing feelings such as grief or anger make of their songs a vivid portrayal of modern society in which we live.
Misery is a group, atypical and mysterious.
So to discover a little more Misery, their guitarist : Hode granted us an interview and reveals itself a little.

Ajia Sound: Please introduce yourself :

Hode :
Hi everyone
I'm Hode, guitarist of Misery from Hong Kong ,
Nice to meet you all !

AS: When did you begin music ?

Hode :
About the time of the junior high school.

AS: what made you want to make music? or who?

Hode :
I think of a classmate, he was carrying a pile of rock'n roll CD to the school and he shared with me.
Then I fell in love with this kind of music.

AS: What are your musical influences?

Hode :
X-Japan , They are the first rock band I heard, it changed my life !

AS :  How did you meet the other group members ?

Hode :
My first contact it's Taki & Asuka, They are friends of my friends and together we set up the band.
At that time our band has no name, then we set up Misery .
Then Water joined us ,we also replaced several times the drummer then Yip joined us, it's a solid line-up.

AS  : can you summarize your career in few sentences ?

Hode :
Every day there may occur unexpected things.
Holding the dream and the freedom to move forward, for tomorrow enjoy the unknown.

AS  : What feeling do you feel the first time on stage

Initially nervous but gradually become only the excitement

AS : what do you think of europe?

Hode :
the sceneries in Europe is very beautiful.

AS : make concert in europe is in your projects? this is something whose you dreaming?

Hode :
I hope have a day the pleasure to meet with our fans, and indeed in europe,It would be really something inexplicable, a magical feeling.
we continue to focus on MISERY

Thank you Hode.

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interview by  : Céline Hebert/ Fabien Anizon.

Version Française :

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  1. Oh awesome interview ! We can learn more about Hode and Misery ^^ Thank you Ajia Sound !

  2. nice. ^_^
    i like this interview a lot,hope to have an other soon. ;)
    thanks a mot Ajia Sound. :)