jeudi 30 août 2012

VERSAILLES release the last album "Versailles"

On September 26th release the last album from Versailles before their "hiatus", this album will contain 11 songs and a DVD with a short film/documentary entitled "ASCENAD MASTER (STORY I~III)" and  [PV] of their songs.

 Available in two versions :

Versailles [Regular Edition] 

3000yen (3150yen Tax incl.)
EUR 30.43

Versailles [ Limited Edition]

3429yen (3600yen Tax incl.)
EUR 34.78
CD :
1. Prelude    
2.  ROSE    
3. Rhapsody of the Darkness    
4.  Edge of the World    
5.  Illusion    
6. 妖 〜ayakashi〜    
7. Created Beauty    
8.  Holy Grail -amoroso-    
9. Brave    
10. Truth    
11. Sympathia

12.  Serenade (PV)    
13.  DESTNY (PV)    
14.  Philia (PV)    
15.  MASQUERADE (PV)    
16.  Vampire (PV)

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