mercredi 8 août 2012

SCREW release new single [ XANADU ]

SCREW released on October 17th his new single titled "XANADU"
The output of this single is expected to mark a turning for the group, after six years of activity the group will spend Major.
Group members say they are 
enriched by the experiences of these 6 years and they like to thank their fans for their support.

The first single MAJOR [ XANADU ]

■ A Limited Edition [CD + DVD]

[CD] included two songs.
[DVD] with PV, PV Making of and Limited Edition A Photo Shooting.TKCA-73831 / ¥ 1.890 (tax)

■ B Limited Edition [CD + DVD]

[CD] included two songs.
[DVD] including a PV, Recording Off-Shot and Limited Edition B Photo Shooting.  TKCA-73832 / ¥ 1.890 (tax)

■ Regular Edition [CD]

[CD] Four songs, including "Xanadu"    included random images special collectible TKCA-73833 / ¥ 1.575 (tax)

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Version Française :

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