vendredi 17 août 2012

Acid Black Cherry release Live DVD TOUR『2012』

Acid Black Cherry ”Live DVD TOUR『2012』" final at Budokan set for release Oct 17,2012!!

LIVE DVD for Tour 『2012』 final at Budokan
It contains the set from the 7/20 final (~130mins)

01.doomsday clock
02.ピストル (Pistol)
04.罪と罰~神様のアリバイ~ (tsumi to batsu~kamisama no alibi~)
05.蝶 (chou)
06.指輪物語 (yubiwa monogatari)
~the day~
07.Fallin' Angel the mirror
09.イエス (Yes)…Good night.
11.チェリーチェリー (Cherry Cherry)
13.少女の祈り (shoujo no inori)
14.少女の祈りⅢ (shoujo no inori III)

with bonus offshot documentary footage from the whole tour (~20mins).

First press also includes:
- sleeve design
- live photo booklet (24P)

CD Japan :
6000yen (6300yen Tax incl.) EUR 61.21

French version :
Russian version :

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