mardi 7 août 2012

COLD+SLEEP release ditigal singles !!

COLD+SLEEP release their ditigal release singles every month from Darkest Labyrinth.

COLD+SLEEP biography
The new band project started in 2012 by SEN, who is also active in the band marlee. Following the pattern of a hedonistic encounter of metal and club sounds, COLD+SLEEP makes cyberspace dance to a faster track in search of the cycle of new music entrusted to the next generation and the end of the world!

A project was initiated in January 2012 to release 12 consecutive monthly singles, which can be purchased only at the iTunes Store. They had their first live gig on April 30, 2012, at Sapporo Sound Lab Mole, and in September 2012 they will begin a monthly live circuit!

COLD+SLEEP digital release singles
1st single [SLEEPERS] Now on Sale
2nd single [SICK BOY] Now on Sale
3rd single [Share The Freedom] Now on Sale
4th single [Spinal Column] Now on Sale
5th single [Solid Stae Sadness] Now on Sale
6th single [Sadistrick] Now on Sale
7th single [Soul Hacker] July 29, 2012 release

COLD+SLEEP Itunes Store :

COLD+SLEEP Live Scripts 2012 -Test case of Scripts-
Sep 15, 2012 Ikebukuro CYBER (Darkest Fest)
Oct 31, 2012 Ikebukuro CYBER
Nov 10, 2012 Ikebukuro CYBER

COLD+SLEEP official facebook :

Starwave Records & Darkest Labyrinth
Darkest Labyrinth:
Starwave Records:
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