lundi 12 novembre 2012

DOG in The Parallel World Orchestra new mini-album

After the release of two single one in September [Biblation-X] and one in October [Dog Zerostar] DOG in The Parallel World Orchestra (DOGinThePWO) announced the release of a mini-album soon, this release is scheduled for on December 12th and will be available in two versions.


1. 雪崩式DDT (Nadare-shiki DDT)
2. ラブぴぽ (Rabu pipo)
3. 初恋歌 (Hatsukoi uta)
4. チヨコレイトモンスター  "Chiyokoreitomonsutā"
5. GalaxxxyKiss
6. サイレントナイト,ホーリーウィッシュ, "Sairentonaito, hōrīu~isshu,"

The Limited Edition includes a bonus DVD -Music Clip- Doggy’s Party!! and another CD cover selected from visual kei band five kinds.

DOGinThePWO - ココロVIBES「 KokoroVIBES 」 PV

Official website :

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