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Interview with BLACK LINE

    Before their European tour, the band BLACK LINE given kindly us some of his time to answer a few questions.
Mikaru, Yudai, Syu and Jun speaks with us of them, their future tour and also their single [LEGNA] released a few weeks ago.

Ajia Sound : Please introduce yourself

BLACK LINE : Hey foreign BLACKERS! We are BLACK LINE!! Of course, you know about 2 members of us named Mikaru and Syu(ex.denka)?
At first, we met with many musicians. Until we meet Yudai and Jun, there were many sessions with so many J-Rockers in studio.
So finally, the band which includes great 4 members was born!

AS : Thank you for giving us a little of your time.
First of all, how are you (all)?

BLACK LINE :Thanks too. We're fine !
Although LEGNA was just released, we have already started creating the next stuffs. So we are too busy now..
But we have a very free feeling for creating new songs, also will be better!

AS : You have often been asked about the beginnings of the group, how is it
born or questions related to Dio - (Distraught Overlord) etc... But
like to know, before all this,  how each of you have started the music ?
What's gave you the desire to make music ? or who made you want to do ?

Mikaru : I was sleeping in the coffin. Then, I listened to the Modern Rock sound. It made me stimulate very much.
Let's kiss!

Yudai : My character which I have no hobby and can't continue anything was complex for me.
One day, I watched 'LUNA SEA' on television by chance, it looked very cool. It was the impact which I hadn't felt until now.

Jun : The cause is L'Arc~en~Ciel. I wanted to do a concert on a big stage as same as my favorite artist.

Syu : While having lived until now with here are many people who made me affected.
The artist which motivated me to make a musical life seriously, it's X JAPAN.
I felt something that was buried and placed at the bottom of heart, or fate.

AS : When did you started the music ?

Mikaru : I had already sung GOD forsaken, when I was inside of my mother's body. Unbelievable!!
I was surprised when my mother told me this.

Yudai : When I was 15 years old, there was the first meeting with the guitar for me.
I was very glad, So I remember well of the day where I bought the guitar.

Jun : When I was 16 years old, I started the music.
Those days, I was playing the acoustic guitar borrowed from the seniors.

Syu : I was born of a mixture between a  former JAZZ drummer who is my father and a music teacher at the school who is my mother.
So I've learned since childhood classical music, piano, violin, etc.. most of the time.
After growing up I was completely seduced by the concept and style of a rock band.

AS : Your Maxi-Single [LEGNA] was released there just a few days, why this name for the single ?

BLACK LINE : First, we want you to see the CD art of LEGNA. What do you think about the art ? Evil spirit ? monster ? Or vampire ?
But each sees something different. The art imagined by Mikaru is fallen angel. Can you see that ?

AS : Your main song [SHOW TIME] is it for you representative of the musical line that you want to follow ?
Do you think this song resembles you ?

BLACK LINE : We don't think that Show Time is the main song. It only became the song number 1st of  the CD track by chance
Mikaru wrote the lyrics of Show Time in the sense of being able to help the lives and dreams of everyone.
And this poetry lyric applies to us too.

AS : Now, let's talk about your future  European tour that will take place in December.
Your  European public  the "BLACKERS" is very impatient and ready to welcome you, you're as impatient as them ?

BLACK LINE : We're looking forward to this European tour more than them.
We're really glad that it was able to be realized so early, we had been waiting  eagerly.
We're very thankful to Bertrand from Torpedo Productions which offer us this time.

AS : In another interview given some time ago Jun said he didn't yet have a passport and now it's settled ?
you're all ready for this tour ?

BLACK LINE : No problem. It is ready to the extent that we can go right now
We're creating many songs now to show you on this tour.

AS : "For those who have already been giving concerts in Europe," what did you think of the European public ?
What memories do you have ? "For those for whom it will be a first in Europe," how do you imagine that ?
Are you a little apprehensive about meeting your European public ?

BLACK LINE : Fan boys are so powerful and have passions. Fan girls are so cute♪
Your loud voices make us so happy ! it's so exciting !
And there is no apprehension about the country which will be a first time in Europe.
It is a pleasure for us.
Even in any situation, we will do the best on stage !

AS : The French have the chance to have 3 dates in the country on this tour, yet how do you see French people ? (I reassure you we are very nice ^ ^)

BLACK LINE : Hum.. Sorry, we don't know yet ! (Laugh)

AS : Even though you are probably eager to come for the first time or come back in each country
planned for this tour, but there is one for which you have a slight preference ?

BLACK LINE : That you have, even before this tour, want to visit
We started this tour schedule with Torpedo Productions.
We cannot necessarily go in all countries wherever we want to go.
We have a lot of regret for the cities where we can not go on this tour...
But of course, the tour BLACK LINE will not be the last. Please wait for the next time !

AS : Finally do you have a message for your Europeans fans which will read this interview
before you meet them in a few weeks ?

BLACK LINE : We are really looking forward to being able to meet with you everybody this December !
Specially, Mikaru and Syu which think Europe is their second home.
Also Yudai and Jun would like to say 'Hi, Nice to meet you !!' for you guys.
We promise the best show for you on this tour. We hope to meet as many people as possible in our tour.
Let's make this tour will remains in our memories for all.
See you in this Winter.


video of BLACK LINE European Tour 2012 announcement !


08/12: Casablanca, Morocco @ B-Rock
09/12: Lyon, France @ La Marquise
11/12: Nancy, France @ le Quai Son
12/12: Stuttgart, Germany @ Universum
14/12: Helsinki, Finland @ Gloria
15/12: Wroclaw, Poland @ Lykend Club
16/12: Berlin, Germany @ Comet
18/12: Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash
19/12: Utrecht, Netherlands @ Tivoli
21/12: Cologne, Germany @ MTC
22/12: Paris, France @ la Boule Noire (Xmas Party!)
23/12: Moscow, Russia @ Relax Club

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