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Interview with IRUMA RIOKA

  Iruma Rioka is a singer, songwriter which through her music "Fantasy Classical Rock" takes you and takes you into his world.
Born in the Japanese countryside Iruma has always used music to express his feelings. With a huge talent, a beautiful voice and great sensitivity, Iruma with her Teddy bear Honey seems to come out like magic of a tale by the Brothers Grimm to bring a little fancy and sweetness in the world.
Always accompanied on stage by Nemu, she traveled around the world to meet its audience with a very beautiful and very moving portrayal to the Japan Expo 2011.
For her European fans and for those who don't know her yet, Iruma Rioka with its kindness and its big simplicity which characterizes her so well gave us a bit of her time to answer some questions.

Ajia Sound :
Thank you for giving us a little of your time
Please introduce yourself.

I'm IRUMA RIOKA, I'm a singer and composer of fantastic music.
You can call me IRUMA simply.

AS :
First of all, how are you?
How is Nemu and, it's important, how is your lovely teddybear "Honey"?

I'm very well, thank you. Nemu and Honey too!

AS :
You play the piano, you compose, you writing, you sing beautifully, how this passion for music did it appear ? When all this began ? Is what you always knew you wanted to make music ?

I was born in the Japanese countryside.
When I was little, I had a hard time expressing my emotions.
So I started to express through music.
I played the piano when I was happy when I was sad.
And by playing, I could also return the other happy.
The music had me always helped a lot.
Once an adult, I left my family and I came only to Tokyo to live for my music.
My song "Touch your heart", whose lyrics say "even if we cannot see, I hope, somewhere, you hear this song" is the symbol of my determination.
I've always had and I will always have a passion for music.

AS :
When you started your career, you have thought that one day your work will be recognized and that you go to do concerts in several countries ?
You have always believed in your destiny ?

I hoped to be recognized but I didn't imagine that I would more be known abroad than in Japan of that way.
Moreover, when I released my first CD, it's a French site which contacted me first and recommended me to the European public. I was extremely pleased.
From there, I went to give concerts in various countries.
When I began, I envisaged not at all a future so formidable.
I made simply what I wanted to make in the way I wanted to do it.
I am grateful to the foreign public which accepted us.
I believe more in myself than fate.
The most important is the will.
Whether for music or something else, if you want to do something, don't be afraid to start.
it's by making the first step towards its dream that the way to go will appear.
You must never give up.

AS :
What did you feel the first time you went on stage ? That you have exposed your music and your universe to a public ?

At first I was very anxious.
I did not know how the public would react to my music.
I happened to sing with a trembling voice.
But my fears have quickly disappeared
Because we received encouragement from many fans.

AS :
You like the singer Bjork which as you has a musical universe all its own , this is one artist who inspires you ? There are there any other artists that inspire you or just that you like listen to regularly ?

I'm also inspired by Valensia.
The first time I heard his song "Gaia" this was a real shock to me.

AS :
And Nemu?

Nemu, he like HIDE (X Japan).
Steve Vai is one of his sources of inspiration too.

AS :
Some composers need rituals to succeed to compose and others on the contrary this comes naturally, spontaneously.
What is your creative process? How to starts an idea for a song?

First, I try to visualize the song I want to write in the form of an image.
Sometimes, I build my universe by looking at illustrations of manga or Anime.
Then, all I need is a piano and a partition.
When I found a draft of melody, I reflect on the words.
Finally, I take arrangements with Nemu. It's common that we were arguing. ^ ^

AS :
When is it your project "Hollow Mellow" ? How evolves this project ?

Hollow Mellow is my second project, which has for theme fairy tales.
The next ones will be Snow White and the Little Red Riding Hood.
It's me who compose songs but we are several to sing them.

AS :
With your move to the Japan Expo 2011, many French are "fell in love" for your music and your universe, and have been very moved by you, how you have lived this time? and what do you think the French public and of France in general ?

I had a great time in France.
Come and play at the Japan Expo was one of my main goals.
I was very happy to be able to perform on the main stage and many people came to support us.
The second day, I cried during the last song "Touch your heart." As I said just before, his words have a very strong meaning for me.
I hope that my music is always present in your hearts.
With regard to the French public, I imagined it difficult but it has been very warm.
After Japan Expo, I went to visit some old castles and I liked it.
Unfortunately we haven't had much time for tourism. I want to come back to France!

AS :
Will we have the chance to see you again soon in France and Europe ?

There is nothing planned at the moment but I hope to see you back again in Europe.
I will come surely if I am invited to conventions.

AS :
What is your project for the coming months ?

I give a concert in Japan on November 17.
It will be streamed on Ustream. Try to look, please.
Also, I'm writing songs for my new album.
It isn't going to go out at once but I hope I could bring it to you in France as soon as it will be for sale.
Encourage me please.

AS :
And finally, do you have a message you would like to say to the Europeans who will read this interview ?

Thank you for reading this interview.
If you do not know me before, try to listen to my songs. I hope you find that you enjoy.
Thank you for your support!

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