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kennycreation (aka ISH) "presents / STEAM GARDEN episode:1 -Tokyo steampunk society.

kennycreation (aka ISH) "presents / STEAM GARDEN episode:1 -Tokyo steampunk society.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
coming friday 13th,
 It is my pleasure to announce the first Japanese Steampunk party, at Trump Room in Tokyo.

What is Steampunk?
 is a literary and artistic movement inspired by the science fiction romances of the 19th century,
the height of steam-powered industry,
the Europe of Jules Verne and H.G.Wells,
the Japan of the modernizing Meiji restoration.
I invite you to experience the marvellous atmosphere of Steampunk this coming April,
with an event showcasing all manner of mysterious items and personages.
Yours in industry,
Kenny Creation.

 Shibuya Trump house
 NOTE:there isnt trump room!
add: 1-6-5 Hagi Bld. B1F, 2F, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan

 April 13(Fri) 24:00 midnight until dawn.

 3000 yen regular ticket There is a special discount ticket (2000 yen)
for anyone in 19th century period or steampunk costume.
 eg: victorian, Tuxedo, Kimono, Steam Pirates, Burlesque, Professor, Time traveller, etc.

 Gramophone operators: Kenny Creation, AC-Key, Luke Chaos Exotic choreography: E+Milla
 Troubadours:Naoki ebisawa

Industry marke(guilds)◆
a story(Master of watch)

Curious art, Absinthe & Hoohak pipes (Bar Chilling). We all await your gracious presence!

Shibuya trump house:
More info : 

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