samedi 25 février 2012

I am still in the haze

Members : Kenny (Vocal,Prog).
                   TKC (Guitar)
                   $eiji (Bass)

Originally from :Tokyo, JP
Genre : Industrial, Nu metal,electro

The universal "or even" We Lies in the correctly gear. The emotional sound that combines finesse and ferocity.
 it Still keeps ticking away in the cold machine rhythms.
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Kenny also works with a second group:
Kenny travaille aussi avec un deuxiéme groupe :

東京鐵工所 -toutestu-

Born in 2011 around december

Members : Kenny creation (Programing, Second voice, and Dance)
                   P.R.D (DJFirst voice, and Dance)
                   D.U.X.S (Programing, Degital percussion, and Dance)
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2 commentaires:

  1. Awesome band!!! You guys need to come in Europe too!! >.<

  2. Tonight on a French radio (We love Japan)! I am really looking forward ! Awesome band ! I love your music :D